I realised that I excelled at Project Management

Until recently, I was not truly certain of what I wanted to do as a profession or what I wanted to do with my life. After graduating high school and not getting the ENTER score I needed for the university course I wanted to do at the time, I started working at a nearby supermarket and thought I would just do that until I sorted myself out and had some life experience which would help me decide what I wanted to pursue. The job was not even close to what I believed to be a career or something I would be doing for the next 10 years of my life, although it was not terrible.

After two years at the supermarket and hitting the night clubs most nights of the week, I realised that I excelled at Project Management, people would always ask me to help them manage their staff and make sure jobs were completed on time. To my surprise, after looking online, I realised I could make a job of this and get paid to manage people on site, I spoke to a few of the construction companies and they all pretty much said the same thing, if I have a qualification in the industry, they would hire me, so all needed was a qualification in the field and I would have a job, easy.

Swinburne offered just what I was seeking, and it was all on their web site. They have various classes accessible across the entire state. Business, management, government funded, nursing and health, beauty and hair, the works.

They had a lot of project management courses for me to pick from, so after picking the one I believed was best for me and reading through the necessities, I managed enrol in the units. Swinburne gave me my own devoted profession adviser to stay in contact with me and help me out along the way with anything I needed, they also said they would help with getting me into a job once the course had been completed.

The components in the project management certification are extremely fascinating, and it is truly amazing to eventually be doing something I am enthusiastic about. I have been learning all about organising locations, planning exhibits, and organizing occasions, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it’s to be actually using my skills. I am excited about using those abilities to create a name for myself in real life after I graduate and completing my diploma.

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